My name is Tim Colegate and I am The Pretend Gamer. What is the purpose of me taking on the persona of the Pretend Gamer, you ask? I was just going to answer this question you impatient son of a gun! Well, it is my mission to review games, give commentary, and grow my knowledge of the gaming world by playing games that I want to play. This will not be a blog about the biggest and hottest new games on the market right now (for the most part). The games I review and talk about will be the ones that appeal the most to me. They could range from classic RPGs to modern day shooters to Indie retro-style platformers and everything in between. I hope to play and bring to light a broad variety of games that expand my knowledge (and yours!) of video games.

So why the moniker The Pretend Gamer? To be honest, I have a short attention span and have been known to not finish games and restart them quite frequently and still not finish them (just ask my friends about this). Thus, I do not believe I deserve the title of “Gamer” and must settle for the less prestigious title of “Pretend Gamer.” One of the aims of this blog is to motivate me to finish games that I haven’t completed before. Most of these games I must beat are some of the best the business has to offer: Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy X, Halo, EarthBound, Deadly Premonition, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the earlier Zelda entries, and the Fire Emblem series are titles that I haven’t played or beaten yet and I would like to correct that. This blog will hopefully allow me to accomplish my goals and even provide you, the reader, with some entertaining tidbits.

So, those are my reasons and goals for doing this. This will be a learning experience that will grow my knowledge of video games and the wider gaming world. Please note that some of you (who have taken a break from looking at cat pics online and what your relatives are eating for dinner) reading this have likely played more games than me and probably have more knowledge about them than me. So, I ask that whenever I make a referencing mistake or a hyperbolic claim like “This is the first game that ever did this!”, please be patient and try to be an adult and point out my mistake. I vow to fix the error and learn my lesson. Hell, it may even lead to more games for me to play!

Thank you for reading and please join me on my journey.


Tim Colegate

a.k.a. The Pretend Gamer