The Future of the Pretend Gamer

What does 2019 have in-store?

For those who don’t know (which would be odd considering you’re reading this on my blog), I have been writing about video games for the past six months or so. I have had a good time with it and I hope you all have enjoyed what I have to say about the subject. Today, I’m here to say that I will be continuing this project of mine into 2019 albeit with a few changes. Now, don’t worry, these changes won’t be too massive (with the exception of one) but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about them.

Those who have been reading my blog since the beginning know that I have tried to write something every single week and post it on Tuesdays. The exception has been the last few months since I’ve been busy with my day job. In 2019, the posts will more than likely not come every single week. They will instead be posted whenever they are finished. This will give me more time to polish them and that will hopefully make them better. I’m not a hundred percent on this plan but I will keep you updated.

Now, let’s talk about what games I will be playing and reviewing next year. A few weeks back I wrote about Final Fantasy and Square Enix and that made me want to play this much venerated series of games. Thus, I have decided to do so and I am declaring 2019 to be the Year of Final Fantasy here on The Pretend Gamer. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I would like to say that I won’t be playing all the games in the Final Fantasy series (that would take several years and more free time than I currently have). I plan on playing and reviewing all the mainline entries (except the MMOs) starting with Final Fantasy VI (or III if you prefer). It should be quite an adventure and I know I’m looking forward to it since I haven’t played several of these titles. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like Final Fantasy, never fear! I will continue to play and review titles outside of this series but the main focus will be on Final Fantasy.

Now we come to the big change I alluded to in my intro. Starting in 2019, I will begin recording, editing, and posting videos of the games I review. I can’t promise I’ll make a video for every game I play but I will at least do so for the Final Fantasy series. This will be interesting because, at the time of writing, I know almost nothing about video editing and recording. The first few videos will very much be amateur work. I hope you will stay with me during this experiment next year as the content gets better and better as 2019 goes along. It will be an exciting and challenging time for me but I’m more than willing to try.

Before I go, I would like to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read (and even respond to) what I have written thus far. It is greatly appreciated and I hope you continue to come back for more. Be sure to tell your friends, your family, and even your enemies about The Pretend Gamer! Your continued support gives me the strength to keep playing and writing about games so please keep coming back!

Thanks once again.


Tim Colegate

a.k.a. The Pretend Gamer

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