A Farewell to Scores

Pour one out.

I’ve decided to provide you all with a quick update before I (finally) begin reviewing games again. Let’s get to the point, shall we? I will no longer be putting scores at the end of my reviews. I could go on and on about how scores only divide people and lead to some rather boisterous yelling matches but that is not why I’m getting rid of them. I’m saying goodbye to scores because I’ve realized that I’m using them as a crutch.

There’s an old joke that’s been floating around since, I don’t know, forever that reviewers give games 8 out of 10s on a nearly constant basis since they’re relatively inoffensive and uncontroversial. After reviewing a few of my posts of the last several years and after looking ahead to a few of my planned reviews, I noticed that I was falling into this trap. Now, in my case, I would cheat and give a game an 8.5/10 and feel so smart since I technically didn’t give it an 8. That strategy wasn’t fooling anyone (especially not me).

As such, in order to avoid falling into the stereotypical pattern of handing out 8s on a nearly constant basis, I have decided to head myself off at the pass and just do away with scores altogether. There will still be pros and cons lists at the end of each review but you will not see a numbered score anymore. They are now a thing of the past here on this website. Side note: my biased reviews will still come with an 11/10 score by the way.

I hope you all understand and accept this new policy here at The Pretend Gamer and I hope you will all stay tuned for my reviews which will begin next week. There are a few reviews which are way overdo and I can’t wait to finally release them into the wild.

See you next week!

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