I Can’t Stop Playing Ghost of Tsushima

Please send help. Author's Note: Video version can be found here. As the title blatantly says, I can’t stop playing Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4. I have been thoroughly and completely sucked into its world. No, in case you’re wondering, I have not finished it yet and thus I can’t give a whole review … Continue reading I Can’t Stop Playing Ghost of Tsushima

Sony and the Crossplay Conundrum

Why won’t Sony just play ball? Much has been said in recent months about Sony’s unwillingness to allow crossplay with Microsoft and Nintendo’s consoles. Indeed, the fervor over its stance reached a peak during E3 this year when Fortnite players discovered that their accounts made on their PS4’s couldn’t be used on the Switch. Although … Continue reading Sony and the Crossplay Conundrum

Console Wars: The Next Generation

Let us pull out our crystal balls and inevitably get everything wrong about the next consoles. This will serve as an informal discussion about what I think will happen during the imminent next generation of consoles and what each console manufacturer is currently doing that will carry over into the next gen. What challenges will … Continue reading Console Wars: The Next Generation

E3 2018 Predictions: The Big Three Edition

Whoever said Christmas comes only once a year obviously did not like video games. Author’s Note: As the title implies, this post will only focus on my predictions for the so-called big three; a.k.a. the three console manufacturers, a.k.a. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  Microsoft: It is no secret that Microsoft is substantially behind Sony in … Continue reading E3 2018 Predictions: The Big Three Edition